Kosmosoft and Salvamac for the windows

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Kosmosoft and Salvamac for the windows

Salvamac has always believed in the strength of collaboration, in synergistic relationships between multiple companies and people who work together to produce big results. The real collaboration produces better quality, true innovation and better efficiency.

The new agreement between Salvamac and Kosmosoft Engineering fits into this context: a 360° software house with a deep know-how in the field of CRM-CAD-CAM applications for the window and door industry.

In particular Archimede is the specialist software dedicated to windows and doors, the first and only software to have integrated complete and innovative CRM / CAD / CAM / ERP functions to be able to embrace every needs of the carpentry and be at its side today and in the future. Archimede is the result of over 15 years of experience, continuous investments and field tests.

Thanks to this collaboration, window and door companies can now manage their orders online, avoiding manual data transmission. The explosion of the order per each individual customer and window is then managed directly in the office and transmitted via the network to the SALVAMAC SALVAPUSH_2000 Optimizing saw. The operator therefore only has to load the wood on the machine and unload it in the relative position provided directly by the label that is printed by the optimizing saw, the label where the data for subsequent processing on the numerical control machines are also reported.