Heavy duty hydraulic briquetting press

Solid, simple, safe.

The high level of quality and the real heavy-duty structures make of Salvamac’s briquetting presses a leader for the recyling and compression of wood and industrial waste. Thanks to their design, construction and features our briquetting presses are widely known for their efficiency and reliability.

A wide range of accessories is also available to customize the machine to every client’s individual needs.

Features and benefits

Batching worm screw for homogeneous feeding.

Immediate on/off, no start-up time.

High quality components.

100% designed and made in Italy.

Low spare parts wear.

Automatic operations.

Powder coated frame.

Compact size and easy to use.

Operating principle

The briquetting press is fed by a feeding screw with a conical profile which receives the material from the silo and puts the product directly into the compressions chamber of the briquetting press.

Then the piston pushes the product through the extruder held firmly by the vice piston.

Thanks to the friction created by pressure of the vice piston, the material to be processed is compressed and the briquette is produced.

Technical features

Construction features

  • Load-bearing base frame for loading bin H900 mm
  • Oil tank for hydraulic control unit
  • Hopper with loading worm screw
  • Mechanical press with die head located beside the loading bin
  • Hydraulic unit comprising solenoid valves, gear pumps, plates and hydraulic circuit tubes
  • PLC control panel. Power supply of machine with three-phase line 380V-50Hz
Loading bin motor 1,5 + 0,75 kW 1,5 + 0,75 kW 1,5 + 0,75 kW
Press auxiliary motor 4 kW 7,5 kW 11 kW
Hourly throughput 30 - 50 kg/h 50 - 70 kg/h 70 - 100 kg/h
Briquette diameter (Ø) 50 mm 60 mm 70 mm
Length of the briquettes from 30 to 50 mm from 30 to 50 mm from 30 to 50 mm
Dimensions 1250 x 1940 x 1470 mm 1250 x 1940 x 1470 mm 1250 x 1940 x 1470 mm
Weight 960 Kg 1270 Kg 1600 Kg


  • Load level indicator for automatic operation
  • Inspection door on silo
  • Oil level electric indicator
  • Oil temperature electric indicator
  • Oil cooling system
  • Extruder cooling unit