Salvamac è un’azienda moderna, nata da un grosso bagaglio di esperienza e guidata da una visione rivolta al futuro e sempre aperta al cambiamento.

Abbiamo una mission molto chiara: diventare la realtà chiave, il punto di riferimento su scala internazionale nel settore delle macchine per la lavorazione del legno massiccio. Ci proponiamo come il giusto partner che comprende e condivide l’evoluzione delle esigenze del mercato e dei nostri clienti.

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The professional multifunction table with adjustable height

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Friend_300 is the true friend for every operator able to act as help, support and solution of daily handling problems. The Salvamac ‘s professional height-adjustable multifunction table allows you to operate in maximum safety, reducing the efforts of the operators and carrying out work tasks with the maximum efficiency typical of lean production.

It can also be customized to the individual needs of each customer.

Multiple uses






Work station

and more and more

A real friend with 3_S

Stability, safety, manageability, comfort are some of the features that make Friend_300 the perfect mobile working and height-adjustable support. Working with the utmost simplicity, the operator has at disposal a safe professional table that helps him daily in the work, reducing loading, unloading, handling and operating efforts.

Equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism, the Friend_300 can be easily raised or lowered simply by operating the pedal that works on the special high-quality hydraulic cylinder. The 4 wheels allow maximum mobility and ease of manoeuvre.

The painted steel structure is made by big and very thick profiles, consequently ensuring maximum stability and robustness. The exclusive reinforcement structures and the jointing system of the mechanical tubes allow to ensure maximum solidity.

Technical features

Construction features

  • Really solid, reinforced and robust steel structure
  • Exclusive designed Hydraulic Cylinder for high performance
  • Mobile with big diameter wheels and parking brake
  • Ergonomic and professional design
  • High reliability and quality of the components
Working height max/min1000/500 mm
Upper frame perimetre1140 x 650 mm
Workload max300 kg
Foot hydraulic pump1
ColorRal 1007
Upper worktop not includedCustomizable