The power of change becomes Salvamac Group

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The power of change becomes Salvamac Group

“Our growth has been greater than 50% in recent months and it was a success that we really did not expect! A success that has not only concerned traditional and already consolidated products but the entire production range and which has led us to the creation of something greater: Salvamac Group.

Salvamac continues to move forward in its social and ethical approach to production, innovation by creating a true and relevant group that is based on the support of 4 production units in 3 different countries to obtain a winning mix of Italian heads and heart with dynamics, advantages and the competences of national realities in strong evolution.

The reason of this new changings is not only to confirm our choices, to show our machines, to communicate our ideas and to meet our partners as We did in the past and as We’ll do in the future, but also to start our new project “Salvamac Group”. Something bigger that finds the beginning in the tradition, in the passion and believes that behind everything and first of all there are the people and the human relationship.

In this perspective, the Salvamac Group multiplies itself exponentially in 3 departments.

The Cross-cutting part specialized in the cutting and optimization of wood, the Air&Painting department where the suction, air filtration, the wood painting systems find the reference point and finally the brand new Salvamac Selection, a real innovation that will be the great natural evolution of the Salvamac project.

In order to better express this step, we have studied a new logo design, which is the reflection of Salvamac new evolution and new innovations! A contact with the past and experience but a strong direction for the future that is already present: at full speed!