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Salvamac is keeping going on in a social and ethical approach to production, innovation and competition that which does not only mean different products, but also the ability to manage ideas and relationships in a new way, aware of the fact that technology does not only involve mechanic, electric and electronic components, but also the expression of the passion, competence and commitment of the people who work on them every day.

Ziemowit Dolkowski says, co-founders of Salvamac We produce quality machine, as in our history, but with a price that allows a greater number of companies to choose the technology road. The strategy is clear: to optimize the process and make use of every possible “country advantage” to produce machines with the highest quality and affordable prices for the customer. This is reason to choose the“Salvamac” brand: simple machines to use and with which it is easier to reduce costs and increase profits.”

As part of the Salvamac project, the third branch of Salvamac Selection will be soon set-up: a selection of different products with the same culture and philosophy that distinguish the company as an international company A real novelty that the creator Christian Salvador defines as

Our network and its strength will allow us to introduce new products for the solid wood industry every month, high-quality machines, as in our history. A true network creation that gives the missing added value to our customers and to the whole wood industry. We are ready for the new challenge”.