Salvamac: leader in the UK by thinking positively!

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Salvamac: leader in the UK by thinking positively!

Salvamac goes against the current and grows strongly in the first nine months of 2020

“Considering that we have always had the advantage of having very fast delivery times, we do not expect a drop in turnover for the current year. In fact, we are closing the first six months with a strong growth”, explains Ziemowit Dolkowski, co-founder of Salvamac. “In particular, after a very strong start in the first two months of 2020, we have experienced a decline in March, but orders resumed immediately at a very fast pace from the beginning of May. We have to thank the United Kingdom and Ireland for the results obtained.” In particular, Salvamac continued its growth in both main product ranges comprising technologies from cutting solid wood to suction systems.

“As for the United Kingdom,” continues Christian Salvador, “we have accumulated, both myself and my friend and partner, Robert, a great deal of experience directly on the field by visiting a large number of our customers’ factories. We know the specific requests that come from markets comprising pallet production, garden furnishing and fencing, window frames, or the entire construction industry, without neglecting the resale of semi-finished wooden products and custom-made solid wood furniture. Salvamac was born from this experience of over twenty years, with the aim of being the meeting point between modern technology and even an inexperienced end user. All this has allowed us to confront the COVID-19 crisis and to become a leader on the UK market: the crisis has become an opportunity!”