Salvamac Group: Record in 2020

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Salvamac Group: Record in 2020

Expansion of the range of products, innovation and investments are the ingredients of success.

“2020 has been an incredibly surprising and successful year for us.” This is what has been stated by Christian Salvador, co-founder of Salvamac Group. “Undoubtedly, the effects linked to the pandemic, the uncertainty of the demand and the absence of fairs where to immediately show our new products did not help us, but the passion, the knowledge of the market and an innovative vision linked to new technological solutions allowed the Group to achieve a true record year!
Indeed, in 2020 we have been leaders both in terms of sales and turnover (acquiring important market shares, even at the expense of our competitors), but above all we have been able to launch the new Salvamac Group.
With this in mind, Salvamac has thus grown exponentially over the year and has been grouped into 3 divisions: the Cross-cutting part specialized in the cutting and optimization of wood, the Air&Painting division representing the reference point for air suction and filtration systems and wood varnishing, and finally the brand new Salvamac Selection, a real innovation which has naturally and greatly evolved from the Salvamac project. Therefore, we significantly enlarged our range of products, added new innovations to the existing ones, expanded our structures and, going against the tide, greatly increased our investments for the future!”

The success of Salvamac Group derives precisely from the Salvamac Cross-Cutting division, which is focused on the long experience of the company’s founders in the field of automatic and semi-automatic machines for wood cutting.
In 2020, among the aggregates, the electronic SalvaStop_100 has been both confirmed and had a strong technological evolution – it is a system that electronically manages the stop and positioning of the bars or profiles, of any material, to be cut with high speed and absolute precision, thanks to special mechanical solutions and to the electronic brushless motor of the latest generation. Salvamac recent developments allow SalvaStop to cut boards longer than 7 meters and to communicate with external IT systems, thus directly importing data and bills from company management software. This is an example of how the concepts of “Industry 4.0” can also be applied to “stand alone” machines, which offer important performances with limited investments. It should be noted that SalvaStop can be installed on the Salvamac semi-automatic and manual crosscut saws, which require limited investments, but are a decisive step forward towards a faster, safer and more effective production.



In 2020, this path was enriched and completed with the presentation of the new version of the innovative optimizing saw SalvaPush 2000. “Optimizing wood cutting for the needs of individual customer is part of our DNA” continues Ziemowit Dolkowksi, partner of Salvamac, “and this is just the beginning. We have created a very flexible and cutting-edge technical solution for improving single boards with defects and qualities or even packs of boards, using the most advanced technologies at a reasonable price.”
SalvaPush 2000 comes with a brand new software version easily and completely manageable by anyone, like a Smartphone, with website graphics and all the convenience of data setting of a large touch screen, all electronic components being connected in digital communication. Moreover, there are new exclusive mechanical solutions both for the cutting and the pusher systems that become part of the complete digital management of the machine communication systems, not only within their electronic components, but, above all, towards external IT systems.
2020 was also a year of strong international growth for the new Air&Painting division. During the year, this section of Salvamac Group has increasingly specialized in suction systems among which the launch of the new SuperDep filter has taken hold, becoming its true Best-Seller product. In particular, the mobile dust extractors of the SuperDep series have been designed and manufactured using the highest technologies to be very versatile, take up little space, and be suitable for indoor and outdoor use, extremely functional in extracting dust and wood chips. The automatic compressed air cleaning system makes them the right ally for those working in the industrial sector of woodworking, achieving a residual dust content of less than 0.1 mg./mc. The filters are thus compliant with the residual dust level H3 because of the fan which is positioned in such a way as to obtain a negative pressure, preventing the escape of dust in the event of a leak.
Therefore, the new “Salvamac Group” project has led to the birth of the third division, the Salvamac Selection: a selection of different products with the same culture and philosophy that distinguish Salvamac itself.
It is a real novelty that the creators, Christian and Ziemowit, define as a revolutionary approach to the market: “Unlike others, we have always believed in the importance of union and aggregation and we think that today there is an opportunity for a changing development with strong and positive effects even in the immediate future! Our network and its strength have allowed us to introduce new products focused on the solid wood industry every month.”


In this context, Salvamac has just launched the new Professional Multi-Function and Mobile Table Friend_300, with an adjustable height. Stability, safety, manageability and comfort are some of the features that make Friend_300 a real support and help. Working with the utmost simplicity, this safe professional table is available for the operator in the daily work – a perfect friend to reduce the operators’ efforts as it can be used as support for storage, loading, unloading and transport and as a real work station.
The last months of 2020 in particular completed the record year of Salvamac with the presentation of some products that will certainly represent another growth opportunity for the Italian-Polish company. In this light, the new sturdy briquetting presses of the Leader 50-60-70 series was created, with the chance of being combined with the Salvamac relative filters, thus forming a single waste treatment line.
Finally, Salvamac Selection launched its most recent innovations concerning the new radial arm saws of the FlixCut series and the Run feed units, confirming the continuous development activity of the Salvamac Group, which will continue to surprise us in the following year.