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Salvamac Air&Painting: another step more!

Another step more!

Thanks to the entry of Salvamac into a reality present on the market for over thirty years, always oriented towards high quality products, we are already conquering positions on various markets, with an offer that – remaining faithful to the Salvamac philosophy – ranges from dust extraction filters to painting booths, which includes perfect solutions for companies of different sizes and needs. This is the mission of the “AIR&PAINTING”, all with the clear intention of exploiting the great potential of the Internet with more traditional sales and assistance systems, always focusing on what the customer really needs.


Salvamac Air&Painting division unit is growing up a lot and in the next months We will move in a new bigger building of 2.500 square meters on a total area of 5.000 square meters.


We will have a lot of space more to increase our production and our stock but also, we are investing in new technology as a new system with a new very powerful laser cutting machine and banding line with loading and unloading fully automatic.



Real industry 4.0 for suction and painting at the highest quality and with the highest safety!

In particular, the most recent projects and products confirm Salvamac success also in the suction systems especially about the high-tech mobile aspirators of the “SuperDep” series.
These special collectors are designed and manufactured using the highest technologies. They are very versatile filter groups, which take up little space, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, extremely functional in the extraction of dust and wood chips.
The fan is positioned in such a way as to obtain a negative pressure which prevents the escape of dust in the event of a leak.
The automatic compressed air cleaning system makes them the right ally for those working in the industrial sector of woodworking.
All models achieve a residual dust content of less than 0.1 mg./mc. and comply with the residual dust level H3.
Other products that have found a big success in the market are the dust extractors suitable for medium flow capacity and limited spaces.



Other products that have found a big success in the market are the dust extractors suitable for medium flow capacity and limited spaces.
Series “Compact” dust extractors are ideal for medium-scale work and for those who operate in a limited space. They occupy a compact space and are suitable for small and medium-sized applications.

The main features are:

  • Solid with 10 years warranty on the hard steel structure
  • High performance due to the motor power effect is increased by the special aspiration system
  • Simple because it is needed just a few seconds to change the collecting bags with special closing rings
  • Best price for a Super-Quality