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Innovate, innovate, innovate!

We, Salvamac, strongly believe in the future, in true values ​​and in continuous progression. We know that the times, that we are living, are not easy but we are convinced that the spirit of sacrifice combined with ethics and human relationships can be the only solution.

With this personal and company philosophy, the innovation finds continuous space for new ideas, products and production systems.

The leader product of the Salvamac optimizing saw is the Salvapush 2000, automatic crosscutting saw that is presented with a brand new version of software that allows anyone to manage it simply and completely like a smartphone, with website graphics and all the practicality for setting data of a large touch screen, in digital communication among all electronic components. Not only that, the recent developments in bar-code data import and the relative “just in time” management systems (from the development of the customer’s order to the finished product) make it a unique solution on the market for production processes even in single batches.

Very flexible and cutting-edge technical solutions make it possible to communicate both upstream and downstream with company software management, thus creating fundamental principles of industry 4.0.  The new exclusive mechanical solutions are also present for both the cutting system and the pusher system, solutions that are showing all their potential and flexibility at the customers’ places where the machines work. The applications of the machines in the sector of sofas and special pallets fully confirm the recent developments.

Not only optimizing saws but also continuous research and development in the most traditional machines, bringing solutions with a great innovative impact.

Recent developments in semiautomatic cross-cutting saws equipped with electronic devices, in particular Salvastop 100, confirm Salvamac continuous innovation activity.

“We have worked hard to create the exclusive software, very easy to use thanks to an immediately understandable and effective, complete, powerful and flexible graphics. It includes 5 different sections and 2 different modes. “STOP” or “PUSH”. Also using a 7 “s-PAD touch screen, in an excellent position for reading and programming, not forgetting the included and installed Internet tele-service software.” In addition, a new innovation on the aluminum profile allows the Salvastop to reach up to 7000 mm in length and 6400 mm of useful stroke!