Happy birthday Salvamac

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Happy birthday Salvamac

5 Years of emotions and successes after 20 years of experience.

“Once upon a time…. Salvamac’s fairy tale also begins like this: one afternoon in March 2016 in Poznan, a cold afternoon but warmed by emotions, passion and some hot coffee. It was a dream, a challenge to uncertainty but also a clear vision: people come first and after machines. Of course, me as Christian and my partner as well as best friend Ziemowit, we didn’t lack the experience.
Each one came from over 20 years of work and deep knowledge of the dynamics of the wood sector and its machines, from 20 years of knowledge, sacrifices but also incredible results. But we wanted to grow again! To realize something bigger and more dynamic. To make an even greater contribution to our customers, to really and finally put the person at the centre of everything, because passion also comes before the economic aspect! And last but not least, we had in our heads and hearts many new technological ideas!!!


That’s when Salvamac was born!



The power of change becomes Salvamac Group

The times we are living favour the change also in woodworking technology and May 2020 sees the official baptism of the new SALVAMAC GROUP project.
In this perspective, the Salvamac Group multiplies itself exponentially in 3 departments. The Cross-cutting part specialized in the cutting and optimization of wood, the Air&Painting department where the suction, air filtration, the wood painting systems find the reference point and finally the brand new Salvamac Selection, a real innovation that will be the great natural evolution of the Salvamac project.
It is a real novelty that the creators, Christian and Ziemowit, define as a revolutionary approach to the market: “Unlike others, we have always believed in the importance of union and aggregation and we think that today there is an opportunity for a changing development with strong and positive effects even in the immediate future! Our network and its strength have allowed us to introduce new products focused on the solid wood industry every month, quality machines, like ours history, but with a price that allows a more companies to choose from the technological path.”



Salvamac today

“The world has changed, but that only means that it has become bigger and that it has different rules – there are many more open spaces than closed ones; the important thing is to drive looking forward and not in the rear-view mirror!”

Christian & Ziemowit