The electronic stop for pushing, stopping
and positioning the profiles to be cut

Zero mistakes, zero waste, and higher productivity.

We thought SalvaStop_100 as a fundamental component to give your work an edge. Through numerical control, this electronic stop manages the push, stop and positioning of the profiles to be cut, regardless of the material. So you can reduce human errors, avoid waste and decrease labor costs. You can say goodbye to the tape measure!


The characteristics of this technological stop have been designed to make your work easier and safer, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

Servo drive motor closing loop

11 Nm

Power requirement

230 volt 50 Hz

Arm length/plate included

600 mm / 200 mm x 100 mm

Capacity with roller conveyor

up to 100 Kg

s-PAD touch-screen


Max length and stroke

7000 mm / 6400 mm

The beam

Due to an innovative technological concept we have created a new anodized aluminum beam- section mm 100×100- reinforced and with big thickness of the profile edge.

This beam has got 3 sides with groves to adapt and install the structure. One side is a flat fence to favour the sliding of the wood on the guide so that to avoid wearing and dust problems.

Thanks to the considerable dimensions of this solution, the pusher carriage reaches a movement speed of up to 60 meters per minute. The transmission system has a 32 mm wide toothed belt, with high precision internal steel cables, ensuring a wide capacity and a very high positioning tolerance. The machined steel heads are robust and independent, designed to have a long life, highly reliable and precise.

s-PAD and software

SalvaStop_100 is integrated with exclusive software that is easy to use thanks to an immediate, easily understandable and complete graphic interface. The s-PAD color touch-screen display has been designed to be in a perfect position to read and writing, also facilitated by a comfortable digital keyboard. In this software, which has a USB connection, the internet teleservice is included and installed.

Salvastop system has two main operating modes – “Stop” and “Push” – and a total of 5 different sections:

  • “Stop” mode for single-length positioning or the possibility of recalling predetermined measurements.
  • “Push” mode with repeatable fix cycles with 100 possible cutting lists.
  • “Jog” mode and automatic reset.
  • Wide possibility of customizing the parameters.
  • Diagnostic and teleservice connection system.

Electronic hardware

The compact Servo Drive electronic motor guarantees simplicity, reliability, durability and efficiency. With this innovative technology you can manage closed loop positioning, checking the position at any time, even in case of heavy efforts and accidental external pressure.

The motor, that is mounted in pulling position, has a power of 11 Nm and the electrical and electronic inputs and outputs are integrated on the engine itself. Finally, the emergency and start buttons are ergonomically positioned, to facilitate the operator’s work.

SalvaStop Combo

Combine SalvaStop_100 with your cutting-off machine or one of our Classic cross-cutting saws, halve errors and optimize your work.

You can have the SalvaStop_100 stop alone or combined with one of our Classic saws to improve performance, work in complete safety and minimize human errors.