Innovative automatic and
optimizing cross-cutting saw

A technological evolution of wood cutting systems.

The automatic optimizing saw SalvaPush_2000 is born from over twenty years of experience in wood optimizing saws.
The machine is the ideal solution to increase the yield of wood, to reduce the worked hours, facilitate staff activity, cut costs and increase profits. The operator has just to mark the quality of the wood and the presence of defects, the optimizing saw will do the rest. The machine cuts the best possible combination of measures, reducing waste to a minimum and improving productivity, all in total safety.

Technical features

Numerical control system

The feeding system works with numerical control. The computer and the servo drive are connected via an EtherCAT connection.

Electronic Servo Driver Motor

The electronic brushless Servo Driver motor guarantees maximum precision reducing power problems.

Functional working plan

Special 25 degrees inclined plane to help the loading and keep the work piece squared without increasing the working height.

Solid and reliable carriage

Very robust carriage of the pusher unit: it must be solid and reliable. Dimensions are about mm. 300x345x25.

Laser photocell

The reading system is composed by a laser photocell that recognizes the presence of the board and a luminescence reader for the fluorescent marks.

Transmission system

The special system with toothed belt width 50 mm. 33 strips of hard steel inside of high precision allows to not suffering dust and service problems.

The cutting Group

The SalvaPush_2000 structure is made of hard steel to guarantee reliability and long life. The cutting unit has an inclined plane of 25 degrees as all the feeding area.

In our optimizing saw Salvapush_2000 the smart pressing hood, after the first cut, adapts automatically to the thickness of the board.

The machine is completed with two electro-pneumatic sidealignment devices, both inside the machine unit, one before and one after the blade.

Operational electronic Management System SALVA-OPTIM

The electronic management system consists of a numerical control and integrated computer of the latest generation to encourage the speed of communication up to less than one millisecond.

SALVA-OPTIM Software the ease of use and graphics reflect the main systems of smart electronics. Some sections of the program are dedicated to statistics and cutting results, with updates in real time, diagnostics and video messages. The software allows to have the complete management up to 5 cutting qualities.

The 12″ touch screen of high resistance is positioned to facilitate the reading and the digitation of the data and included a USB connection and a ready to use Tele-service Software via Internet.

Technical data

Find out if SalvaPush_2000 is the machine for you and contact us for more information.

Loading length min/max

2100-7100 mm

Maximum speed of the pusher

60/200 mt/min

Minimum cutting time

0.1 sec

Compressed air pressure

6 atm

Compressed air consumption

190 Nl/min

Dust extraction speed

30 mt/sec

SalvaPush_2000 Optional

Integrate SalvaPush_2000 with a series of options that will make your job easier!

The SalvaPush_2000 is a machine that can be integrated with various options, both in loading and unloading, to make it even more complete and performing. Contact us and request information to know all the options. We will help you to understand which ones are most suitable for your job and your needs.