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Industrial semi-automatic machine to cut
the wood with blade diameter 600 mm

Extreme robustness and maximum power.

The Classic_60 has a completely painted, thick and reinforced steel structure. The blade with a diameter of 600 mm, the power of 9.2 kW and the rotation speed of 2750 rpm make it the ideal machine for those who work with wood up to a maximum of 150 mm thick and 610 mm wide.


Blade diameter

600 mm

Saw spindle rotation speed

2750 rpm


V400/50 hz

Max cutting capacity

150 mm (with 420 mm wide)

Saw dust extraction

2 x 140 mm

Electric system

3 phases

Max cutting capacity

610 mm (with 30 mm thick)

Compressed air supply pressure

6-8 bar

Working height

900 mm +- 20 mm

Blade motor power

9,2 Kw

Air consumption per cycle

14 nl


RAL 7035 – RAL 1007

Compare the technical data

Blade motor powerkW 3,0kW 5,5kW 9,2
Diameter of saw blade/shaft400 mm / 30 mm500 mm / 35 mm600 mm / 35 mm
Saw spindle rotation speed2800 rpm2800 rpm2750 rpm
Sawdust extraction1-120 mm / 1-100 mm1-120 mm / 1-100 mm2-140 mm 
VoltageV 400/50 Hz 3~V 400/50 Hz 3~V 400/50 Hz 3~
Compressed air supply pressure6-8 bar6-8 bar 6-8 bar
Working height 900+-20 mm 900+-20 mm 900+-20 mm

Features and benefits

Floor anchoring

Solid anchoring to the floor with special flanged steel feet with fixing hole.

Ergonomic position

Two-handed safety manual control to start the cutting is located in ergonomic position.

Cutting speed

Cutting speed adjustable by pneumatic trimmer on the machine.

Pneumatic hood

Upper pneumatic hood to block the pieces with electro-pneumatic management.

Sliding bearings

Pressure beam movement system through the new sliding bearings with double anti-dust protection and automatic lubrication.

CE rules

Machine and electrical equipment according to CE standards.

Solid with galvanized rollers

Extremely robust thanks to the machine table with galvanized idle rollers. Load capacity up to 600 Kg, diameter 89 mm and width 500 mm.

Tilting cut

Tilting cutting movement with power transmission through a group of belts.

Cutting with 3S

We believe in collaboration and we give value first of all to the human factor, and then to the product. We transfer this philosophy also to the design part, projecting our machines according to what we like to call “the essential 3S”.

Our professional woodworking machines are solid, resistant, compact. We build them with high quality materials and complete them with functional options to optimize performance and efficiency.

We firmly believe that safety comes first. With our double button device that is placed in an ergonomic position and with the protection on the blade, you can work safely, we take care of the precautions.

We want to make your job easy and therefore offer easy-to-use woodworking machines. You have just to choose the stop and press the two buttons to start the cutting cycle without any adjustment.


SalvaStop Combo

We have combined the Classic_60 with the SalvaStop_100 system. A winning combination, complete and highly appreciated.

The performance of our Classic_60 cutting saw is enhanced by the combination with SalvaStop_100.

This electronic system manages precisely the pushing, stopping and positioning of the profiles to be cut. Thanks to the numeric control and the power of the cross-cutting saw, this combo will allow you to improve the quality of the work: less waste, more safety.