Salvamac is a modern company, born from a large baggage of experience and guided by a vision oriented to the future and always open to change.

The founders: Christian and Ziemowit

We have known each other for years and we immediately understood that we have in common the same approach to work. We think that the real difference is made by the people and relationships that are generated by them: from it the opportunities arise. We are constantly developing and we are growing very quickly thanks to our deep skills, to numerous experiences and to the valid network that we have created over the years.

Our philosophy

The predisposition to trust others, the desire to get involved and the encounter of original ideas guide our work every day. Salvamac grows and evolves continuously to build a complete and interconnected network of professionals. This is why we have several specialized units where people are the first to create value, and then products and technology.

Our mission

The vision is clear: to become a key reality and a benchmark on an international scale in the woodworking machinery sector. We propose ourselves as the right partner who understands and shares the evolution of the needs of the market and our customers.


We design and manufacture professional woodworking machines: optimizing saws and semi-automatic cross-cutting saws.


We offer dust extraction systems, sleeves filters, turnkey aspiration plants, suction benches, dry or water painting booths and pressurized systems.


A special selection is designed for you: machinery, components and tools useful to have complete and cutting-edge work material.


Our machines are solid and compact, designed to be resistant, built with high quality materials and integrated with functional options.


We design our machines to guarantee maximum safety. Attention to the smallest details is always directed towards the safe use by the operator.


We develop our machines to be easy to use. Assembly, adjustment, flexibility and smart software make them truly easy to use even by the inexperienced operator.

Questions or enquiries? Please contact us, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.