Suction benches

Finishing and sanding in complete safety.

Our sanding benches for aspiration “Clean” are made of strong press-bent galvanized sheet iron, with a work surface with eyelets. Designed to be robust and long life they are indicated for aspiration of generic dust, with the exception of detonating or explosive dust.

The sanding benches series “Clean” must be connected to unit filtering with electric fan.

Technical features

Compare the three models of the “Clean” series and choose the one that’s right for you.
  CLEAN 200 CLEAN 250 CLEAN 300
Width 2.000 mm 2.500 mm 3.000 mm
Height 1.000 mm 1.000 mm 1.000 mm
Deep 900 mm 900 mm 900 mm
Aspiration Ø 200 Ø 200 Ø 250