Air & painting

The ideal solutions for aspiration and painting.
A complete offer of systems suitable for any work environment.

Air Express

We pay particular attention to the safety and health of the operators: with our aspiration systems, maintaining a healthy and clean working environment will be really easy.


Mobile dust extractors

The mobile dust extractors “Trolley Bag” series are suitable for small air flow and for not particularly large workplaces.


Sleeves filters

These sleeve filters are indicated for the extraction of dust and shavings with an excellent quality/price ratio.

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Sleeves filters

This really “big” filter, for exclusive external use, is extremely efficient and excellent for large flow capacity.


High tech mobile dust extractors

The mobile dust extractor of the “Super Dep” series are designed using the highest technologies.

Painting Express

Salvamac painting booth (dry and water) and suction benches are made by galvanized press-bent hard sheet metal with big thickness, a guarantee of quality.


Dry painting booth

The painting booth is built in modular sandwich panels (thickness 40 mm), completed with electric fan, frontal filters and circuit breaker.

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Water painting booth

The ideal solution for the aspiration and removal of pigments and fumes, emitted by painting with synthetic, organic or water solvents.


Suction benches

Suitable for the aspiration of any type of dust, the suction benches of the “Clean” series are made of sheet metal and have a slotted worktop.

4 You

Highly customized solutions, specifically designed to meet different requirements.

Unique and customized solutions

In Salvamac we want to offer a complete service, always trying to respond to the highest needs of our customers, based on their reality, be it small or large.

For the Air section, we study the best aspiration system to customize it. For the Painting section, in the same way, we design and manufacture closed pressurized systems for both manual and automatic painting.

Components and spare parts

Whatever your need, we help you to satisfy it. Here it is our range of spare parts and components: terminals with nets, butterfly and chain shutters, anti-vibration joints, superflex pipes, section changes…